Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hello friends and friends of Juice!

Apple finally released the 3G iPhone last friday, as most of you already know. So Jason asked me to make a little blog about my adventures trying to get one.

So friday morning I woke up at about 7 am and went straight for the nearest ATT store to line up for the phone. When I arrived there were about 100 people already in line, most people had been waiting since 5 am. I waited for about 2 hours and kablam they sold out.

The only thing I could do now was to go to an Apple store and try my luck there. When I got to the store there was a sea of people in line.. I was told from where I was (the very last person in line) an 8 hour wait.. but If I came back around 8pm that it would be pretty clear. Came back around 9 and they told me that they cut off the line and that I had to come back tomorrow. POOPS!

Came back the next morning at 8:30 and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. for 4 hours! Thankfully they bought pizza for all the people who were in line so we wouldnt die waiting. When I got to the front of line It felt like graduation all over again. They sent out an apple employee and she asked "are you ready to purchase your iphone?", I nodded and then Pomp and Circumstance played in my head. There was a group of apple employees waiting infront of the door and they applaud you as you walk in. Got in and got out.

So that's my story. Sorry if that wasn't very exciting, haha.



jasondcall said...

WOW. i can only imagine... my heart would have been jumping... ill have to wait until i get home to see an actual real ipod. THANKX MAN!

nay said...

two of my friends were in line for 7 hours at the apple store. they finally were ready to pay and were at the registers and the service SHUT DOWN. they were given vouchers to come back the next day and got free apple care, so at least it wasnt a complete loss?

and eye alaska, haha random!