Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peru for You

Here it is... the first post in this blog. Who knows what will happen or if I will even end up using this, but here it is. A START. I love you and I want some weatgrass for my Jamba. BYE LOVERS


liar said...

Hey jason, My name is giancarlo and i'm familiar with your past work in DLD, i liked what you did and i'm currently on vacation, i'm 15 years old, even tho i act a little older haha.

Where are you staying in Peru?, i was about to watch that vid but i currently have no audio.

I live in Peru and i don't know, it would be awesome if i could like speak to you lol, i'm so dumb :).

Anyways, Chau chau :)

Anonymous said...

Hey when did you start your mission?, so where are you right now?
I want to perform "cue the sun" for a "show de talentos" in Trujillo...