Thursday, April 17, 2008

Que Tal Menu!

Hey there. One thing really great about Peru is some of the food is so Cheap... Here is a menu of a little place I love... It is so cheap. The prices you see are in Peruvian Soles... and the conversion is about 3 soles to every Dollar. So you can get a great burger with an egg on it and everything for under a buck. How does that grab you?

Im sure its not the best food but sometimes its all I have time for. I cant wait to eat TACO BELL! HOLLER!


apoonfulofsugar said...

bears. beets. battlestar gallactica.
I hope you're stoked to receive the package Gaby & I are sending you because we're stoked to prepare it!

Renee said...

what is your opinion on chicken wings? you know what, NEVERMIND i'm taking you to hotlanta anyway. :)

ONNEE MORREEE YEARRR until our disneyland/scene it/dance party/cupcake celebrationssssssss

jasondcall said...

This pleases me!