Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Holler Therrrr. Things have been going good her in the Pizzle. Lets see... nothing to new. I am on a role because I got a letter and a box of Zebra Cakes (my Favorite) from danielle. I am feeling much love. Speaking of love i wanted to share a story with challl.
I want to tell you about one of the coolest families i have met in all my time here in Trujillo. They live out in the center in a small beat down house - Husband Wife and 3 boys. It remenids me of my family. They just welcomed me in and fed me one day. It was incredible, and I felt such a feeling of love in their home.
Anyways... we have been needing to paint our house, and we decided to have this family do it so that they could make a little moniesss.. They are pretty poor.
It wasnt a huge job or anything, but we bought all the supplies and got it ready for them. The Dad of the fam came with his 2 older sons and started working on it. They finished in 8 hours... They wanted 30 peruvian soles for their work, but I gave them 200. When the man saw the money he just begain to cry. That is seriously like 20 days of work here. It made me happy to share a little bit.

Sooo... this is a picture of that awesome family on the day of the Moms birthday. WHAT CHAMPIONS.





Renee said...

zebra cakes!

Anonymous said...

today i tried it compi,ummmmmmm yummy