Thursday, May 15, 2008


You know what else is good?

INCA KOLA. It is amazing. From what I remember it really isn't in the US. They drink so much of this stuff here. To me it tastes like bubble gum a little. There really is nothing else like it. I drink this like seriously everyday.... arent you a little jealous?'

EL SABOR DEL PERU! read more!

who wants to try some of this?


Becka said...

I think this is for the Inca Kola, it does sound good though i am a little skeptic, what else is in it?

jasondcall said...

its probably better that we never know... but it sure makes you feel alot better when you get a door slammed in your face.

redefinemagazine said...

i greatly, greatly want to go to peru. T__T hi, i don't know you.

Tommy said...

dude send me some, or bring some to me when you get back haha