Saturday, June 21, 2008


A beginning of an awkward friendship or so it would be if this were my first time meeting Kevin. However this is not the case. I first met Kevin at a Stake Activity. Jason and Kevin both were in the same ward. I knew Jason and Thus, this is how I met him.
Kevin is the greatest guy I have ever met and he is in every sense a Beast! He is funny and hard working. He is always willing to give. One very fond memory I have of him is when he was getting ready for a Date with Rachael he put on the best clothes. At this point I had never seen him dress so nice just for a girl. Before this date He wanted take a ride (by himself) in the canoe.About 20 min before his date he moves the canoe on the edges before between the water and the grass. He gets in the canoe and tried sliding into the water but instead the canoe tipped and he fell in the water. his nice clothes got all wet. that was a very funny moment. I miss Kevin. I haven't seen him in a while.

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