Monday, June 2, 2008

Testing The Strong Ones

Sooo... I am the guy in charge of the money of the mission. We have our share of emergencies, but we have even more emergencies that are health related. My companion is the one in charge of health for the mission so I spend a good time of my time in the hospital.

This last weekend one of my best friends here... Elder Petersen got sick, so it was our run to help him! He had a weird asma attack thing where he couldn't breathe very well. We took him in to the hospital and they said that he needed to stay overnight so that they could help him breathe.

I stayed with him through the night, but I started to pretend that I was sick too so he wasn't so lonely. I got one of those cool white robes and even stayed in the bed next to him. Everyone thought I was sick but they were really wrong.

I had fun fooling them and keeping a good friend company. Luckily he is doing better. He has to leave where he was working before because they burned so much sugar cane and it killed his lungs.... They moved him to work in the office with me!


Its SOOO nice to have a body!


Tommy said...

haha classic face jason! Classic...

Anonymous said...

really????/awwwwwwwww,compi have a good night hehe