Sunday, July 20, 2008


The last night we had a cake night in the chapel and it was amazing! There were over 100 humans just screaming and shouting and playing games. The winners would get cakes... its like a super cake walk peruvian style. It was so funny. I even played.... bobbing for apples.

1. Bobbing for apples
2. 3 Legged soccer
3. Top the balloons filled with flour with your mouth
4. Break the box open.

My favorite game was the 3 legged soccer... they love soccer here and were kicking it all over, knocking pictures down and little kids. It was amazing. Everyone was laughing so hard.

Here are some pics and al final... some sound recordings of the madness. PERU IS THE BEST!


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Anonymous said...

wow,me hubiera gustado estar ahi y participar de esa gran actividad que habiamos planiicado con mucho tiempo de anticipacion pero que vivos, cambiaron la fecha y por eso no estuve,pero esta bien porque si se hizo la actividad y se que salio muy bien felicitaciones sigan asi en la obra.saludos,Gaetana