Saturday, February 21, 2009

1 month.

Well. Right now I am in a fishing village on the coast of Peru. Nothing to unusual but I find myself looking back on this last year with a super nostalgia attitude. So much has changed, and yet in a way everything is the same. 1 year ago I was up in the Andy´s Mountains trying to find people I could help, people who´s lives I could change. I was pretty confused still, but just trying to focus on anyone that wasn't me. Last year I even forgot my birthday. I was studying the day after and realized that my birthday had come and gone with out a wink or sniff. I didn't even remember my own birthday. Life sure has been up and down. I can't begin to express, or put words to the feelings I have. This last year has been absolutely life changing. My life has been flipped upside down, left out in the rain, and dried again in the hot sun like the laundry here in Peru. I have been completely humbled to the ground with a language barrier and enough hospital visits to keep mom worried. But, on the other hand, built up again by love and family and friends that could never be placed by anything else. I can't say what I feel exactly but all I can say is I am so lucky. No, it sure is not luck. I am blessed! I am so happy and satisfied with my trip to Peru. It has changed my life forever and taught me things I could have never learned anywhere else. Over the next couple of months I plan on writing and publishing more of my thoughts about the whole adventure, but for now… before I get on that bus to head to my ¨home¨, I just wanted to ay thank you. Thank you to my Heavenly Father and Thank you to all my love ones. I love you and will see you soon!


nay said...

so sooooooooooooon!

Darren said...

Wow! I would love to hear more about your learning experiences in Peru. I know we haven't talked for so long, I've been so busy with so many things that I can't even begin to tell you. It is great to hear you are having fun, learning and experiencing life to the fullest. I'm sure you are jumping through so many emotions of happiness and sadness especially when you thinking about home and leaving Peru. As you reflect on your time away from the States, just remember that many of your friends and family awaits you at home. When you get back, I would love to catch with you.. its just been too long.

qwertney said...

=) best post ever