Monday, July 14, 2008


I finally tried it. Peru is famous for many different plates and Ceviche is probably one of the top 3. Up until the other day I had not tried it, but I finally went down and got a taste!

Ceviche is raw fish marinated in Tigers Milk... or onion and lemon. It is amazing! The myth is that marinating the raw fish in the Tigers Milk will actually cooks the fish by the time you eat it. It sounded crazy to me, but... i didnt get sick. It was amazing. If you want to read more check out this.

It was absolutely amazing. >I am going to learn how to make it so I can make it for all of you when i get home....



Tyson & Brett said...

This pic is so great... I showed Brett and told her how I thought it was just another crazy peruvian legend (i.e. stomach ache is because you drank cold pop... even if you didn't... but you must have, if your stomach hurts) that lemon juice cooks the fish... but I guess its true. I totally didn't believe them at first.

s`ann said...

and then we can open the restaurant!
haha, ceviche + islander food.
kind of like that french and vietnamese restaurant i saw a few weeks ago..

Anonymous said...

one of the things that i miss of Peru is el ceviche, i didnt try here in Miami yet huh, is so hot here, when i arrive the temperature was 98F wow,great change of weather