Friday, July 11, 2008

musical education.

People just don't listen to enough classical music. Its some of the most amazing music you'll ever hear thats older than your grandma. I mean, look at the spice girls. They went out of style in what, 2002? Six years, and no one listens to their music anymore, yet at their peak, nearly everyone under the age of 15 was in love. Classical music- renaissance from the 1500s (renaissance chamber KILLS), Bach & Vivaldi from the 1600 & 1700s, the Wolf & Haydn & Schubert from 17-1800s (called the classical period of classical music); look how long it's lasted! yeah, sueann, thats old stuff. Only YOU listen to it, right? I know its what you're thinking. That's fine.

So you know the song Sundays, the Daphne one? Theres a line in it, "you enjoy coffee and Debussy". DEBUSSY ISN'T A TYPE OF JAM FOR YOUR SCONE. Claude Debussy, the greatest composer to ever touch a piano. Just ask the Peruvians who were lucky enough to walk near Jason's window earlier today.

Go download. I promise you'll enjoy it.
debussy, ravel & a little bit of dukas.


nay said...

classical music is awesome but i disagree about your spice girls comment haha. i still listen =X

Emily Malan said...

ahaha but..i think youre taking it in the wrong context! enjoy your coffee and debussy.. like enjoy listening to debussy?