Saturday, October 11, 2008

Disponible EP

That is the link of the CD!

DIGA. We finished the Peru Disponible EP. CHECK IT OUT. Let me know what you think. It is cheap. Im going to start tour here in Peru, I love you all. HOLLER!



Audrey said...

the CD is amazing!
thank you for letting me contribute :]
and i love that picture!
it's super awesome!

Anonymous said...

the CD is amazing, the sounds ...wooo hoo
nice picture smiling!

Anonymous said...

hello, i'd like to get the lyrics to the song "the love we lost" thanks

Brett and Ciara said...

JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you were around for our stand up comedy get together. I am making it out to idaho and we are all making a standup video to show together. Your music is great!! That's awesome you are able to share your gift. Sorry for not keeping in touch. Won't happen again. Stay true to your feet, you don't want them to walk you into a sharks mouth. -Brett