Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas CD

Hello My World.

So we came back to Trujillo to re-plan the next couple of weeks, and help some of the zones. I got this idea that I thought could be really successful and help the missionaries find more people to teach. I thought that we should record a Christmas CD. Make a bunch of beautiful gift cards, and as we meet new people we can talk to them about Christmas and the Savior. Then we could give them a gift card and tell them we have a free Christmas CD we would be happy to deliver to there house and share a brief message about Christ. The president loved the Idea. We designed the gift cards… We printed up 6000. I went right to work with the recording of the CD. I had a deadline of 24 hours… so I stayed up all night recording non-stop to finish so that we would be able to burn 6,000 copies the next day. It was quite a job!

The hard things about this whole project… was that by the time I was starting my body was already starting to shut down a bit. That sore I had from the last week in Cajamarca had moved back to my throat. I felt really sick the whole night, and was without strength. I started to get a really high fever but I really couldn’t stop recording. I worked through the whole night. I had horrible pains in my whole body, and could not stop sweating. I really wanted to rest but I knew that I couldn’t. I knew that finishing the CD was so important. If I didn’t finish we would not be able to get it distributed and so many people would miss out about hearing about the Savior this year. There was a point in the night when I just began to pray. I expressed my love and desire to finish the project. Just at that moment I felt an incredible peace. I knew that I was going to have the strength to finish. I began to pretend that my deadline in the morning was the actual birth of the Savior. I imagined how the wise men might feel as they traveled… I pictured what the Sheppard might have seen as the angel spoke as the birth of the savior was announced. I imagined that this CD, or the music I could make would be my gift for the baby. Thinking this way got me though the night, and made everything more real and more special. This really made my Christmas. It is extremely hard to be away from home during the holidays, but I sure found a new appreciation for Christmas and the music. As I walked home from the mission office where I had been recording I was so thoughtful. The night was so peaceful. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Savior, and this beautiful time I have to serve him. As I lay in my bed that night… I was so exhausted. I could not help but weep. My body was broken, I had a burning fever, but I was so grateful to be able to spend the night praising Christ through the beautiful Christmas music.

I hope that everyone enjoys the Disk. I had a wonderful time making it. All in all I finished in 14 hours. It was all nuts. Now 6,000 people are going to be able to hear free Christmas Music and hear my Testimony and know how much I love the Savior. I am so glad it all worked out.
Everyone check out the Christmas CD and tell me what you think.

Still breathing and singing,

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Anonymous said...

comparti esa actividad de siempre aqui en mi barrio de Miami ya que no hacian y les gusto, pero lastima que no estuve para esa navidad por viaje y ahora mudanza, anyway, que felicidad sera comunicarse con su familia hoy. Feliz Navidad!!!! Merry Christmas!!!! bendiciones y que todas sus metas e cumplan con exito y perseverando siempre, que tu corazon se llene de gozo por el Salvador.